Amazon’s technical error Exposed Customers Emails and Phone Numbers

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Amazon Discloses customers emails and numbers in Black Friday sale

Amazon exposed the emails and phone numbers of some of its customers due to a technical error. According to the latest report as mentioned by Amazon, the technical error has been resolved. But it has not provided the news on for how long the data breach was live and how many customers have been affected by this.

amazons mails on email and password exposure

Many of the customers received a mail regarding this fault. Amazon further told that “you don’t need to reset your passwords as the error has been fixed. But still it can be dangerous for the customers as the hackers can still manage to reset the password and hack the customers accounts by using their data.

Customers reactions on Data Breach

After this news, many customers have got frustrated and started posting on amazon forums but still amazon has not disclosed the list of users that got affected. According to the statement by Amazon’s PR Department, the customers who have got affected have already got the mail.

amazon official declaration

It was further said that neither its website nor its system was breached and it was just a technical error. It also didn’t declared that where the information got visible.

Some days earlier, Instagram exposed passwords of its users in its “Download your Data” Tool. And now Amazon has done it too. Now it is a matter of great concern for the users that whom to trust and whom to know. As Facebook owned Instagram as well as Amazon are one of the the biggest tech giants in this world. And if they can’t keep their users  information secret then who else can. Why it is happening again and again? Why these tech giants are not understanding its users privacy?

These questions are something that needs to be answered by companies who tell themselves the big tech giants of the world.

Let’s see when these questions get answered. In meantime if you’have got similar mails then let us know in the comments below.

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