Exclusive: Audi RS6 and A6 Avant will be available soon in US

Audi RS6 avant and A6


It is good news for the car lovers, Audi A6 and RS6 avant will be launching soon in US. The new RS7 will have a 600 Horsepower of Engine and a 4.o litres twin –turbo V8. There are also some rumours about a hybrid drive train which may have been borrowed through Panamera Turbo S E- Hybrid.

But from an inside source a news has come that Audi RS7 will be coming with a new RS6 Avant model. It has also been said that both the models will be available in US by 2020.

These cars (Audi A6 and Audi RS6) will have a MLB platform which will allow to lose a weight of them by almost 80 kg and then we can see the 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds only.

If it is true then we might be seeing Audi sports cars in US and many of the car lovers will have been thrived with this news.

Both the A6 and RS6 Avants models are expected next year. The previous A6 and RS6 versions were not available in the US and many of the car lovers were forbidden from enjoying the rides in these two variants.

Cars preferred in US market

In US, people basically are fond of SUVs and do not prefer wagons. But in 2018, wagon models have already left a remark in US car industry. Mercedes is the only company which supplies wagon versions of its E63 AMG in US. But after the release of A6 and RS6 variants in US it will have a tough competition for both of them to survive.

This news is true or not, it can’t be said right now. But definitely we will be waiting for coming this news to be true.

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