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Hunger is something that makes us go crazy. If we are hungry, we start getting angry on everything. Therefore what actually matters to us is getting food as soon as possible and get chill. But in this modern and fast moving world what actually we lack is the time. We don’t get enough time for food too. Many of us work in multinational companies but do we even have so much energy left for to cook food after coming from office. No, I don’t think so, none of us has so much of energy left after so much of work. So we used to order food online through the App we use and then we have our food. What if I tell you that you can even save money and get Rs 125 off on your food if you use fassos referral code? The only think you have to do is installing the fassos app and use the fassos referral code (89y0ef8). Not only this, if you do not get the food in 30 minutes then your ordered food comes free for you.

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So what else you need? Fresh made food delivered to your doorstep in just 30 minutes. You can order food for your breakfast to lunch whatever you want to have. The food delivered is really very tasty and the quality you get is also like a five-star hotel food. You can even see the exact position of your food whether it is cooked or dispatched. Even you can track the delivery person who would be coming at your doorstep.

But the best part is the discount you get from your fassos referral code when you share/refer it with your friends and colleague. So now I will be providing you exact detailed information about how you can order food online through fassos and how you earn through fassos refer and earn offer?

How to use fassos referral code(89y0ef8) to get discount?

To order food the only and the easiest thing you have to do is to visit the fassos website or download the fassos app from Android play store, Apple Store or windows store.

How to sign-up on Fassos website?

  • Click on the website link here or search for fassos in Google and visit the fassos official website.
  • Once you are there on the fassos website, enter your name, email, fassos referral code (89y0ef8)
  • Congrats, you have got your first Rs 125 credit in your fassos wallet.

How to sign up on fassos App?

  • Download Fassos App on your phone.
  • Enter your phone number on the space provided.
  • You get the OTP to verify the number, so put the OTP and verify.
  • Once verified, Enter your Name, Email address and Fassos referral code (89y0ef8).
  • Congrats, you have earned Rs 125 through fassos referral code.

How does fassos referral code works?

Referral code is the codes you get in the section refer and earn. It’s an alphanumeric code provided by Fassos to refer your friend. So if you refer your friends or family members and they download fassos App and order for the first time you get Rs 125 as well your friends or family members also get Rs 125 in their wallet which they can use for paying in their first order also.

But if you become fassos Elite member then for every sign ups by your fassos referral code you get Rs 150 credit.

 How can you get 10 more fassos credits in your wallet?

Getting 10 more credits is not a very difficult task. For this you just have to verify your email address and provide your details. See the detailed steps below.

  • Click on the profile and enter your date of birth, Gender and click on verify email.
  • Now go to your mail and see the mail you got from fassos and click on the verification link provided by fassos.
  • Once you verify your email, go to fassos app and check your wallet. You must have got 10 more credits in your wallet.

What is Fassos Elite Subscription?

Fassos Offers its customers with a “Become an Elite” program using which a person can get a lot of benefits including Birthday credits, prioritized delivery, Surprise dessert on every delivery and many more.

So let us see the benefits of the Elite Subscription-

  • Birthday credits- It’s the credit provided by Fassos to its customers on their birthday. The credits provided by fassos can be used to order food with discounts.
  • Surprise deserts- Fassos says that “coz there’s a separate stomach for desserts, so it can’t let you go hungry” and therefore you get a free dessert from fassos on every order for free.
  • Elite Exclusive Menu- It providesyou discounts which are always exclusive from their partner brands. You even get special menu for your orders.
  • Prioritized Delivery- you are prioritized for each order, it means your order will be prepared and delivered on a priority basis without any delay.
  • Curated Deals- The curated deals is only made for you from the fassos partners.
  • More referral credits- Being a Elite member you get Rs 150 on every referral instead of Rs 125 given to others.

How to become an Elite Member?

Fassos has kept all the income bracket people in mind and then created the Elite Member subscription program. Therefore, there are two options for this.

By using first criteria you can get it free but you have order food worth Rs 1800 on Fassos App in 60 days. If you are able to transact this much amount then you get it free.

By using the second method you do not have to transact any money, just purchase the subscription plan of Rs 499, which is now available at Rs 149 only for a year. So, hurry up! And be an Elite member and get the subscription plan at just Rs 149/year now.

Steps to order food from Fassos using Fassos credits:

So, now you have got the Fassos credits of Rs 135 which is free to use. To use this, you have to use Fassos referral code (89y0ef8) and here we will be providing you the guide on how to order food from Fassos using the free fassos credits you have got.

  • The first step is to choose the food which you want to order for yourself.
  • Once you decide your food choice, click on the Add button and then you will be redirected to the food cart page.
  • Now you can even customize your food if you want.
  • After customizing your food, click on proceed to checkout option which is on the bottom of the screen.
  • Let me make it clear that you must order your food above Rs 250 which will be exclusive of GST and other Taxes to use your free credits.
  • If your food it below Rs 150 then add some desserts or customize it once again.
  • Now, use your free fassos credits and see the picture below which shows that how the payable amount changes once the free credits are applied.

The final amount was Rs … but after using the free fassos credits which I got by signing up and using the fassos referral code it changes to Rs….

How you can invite your friend and earn free fassos credits?

You can invite your friends and earn free fassos credits but before that you will have to make an order from fassos. After your first order from fassos you get the fassos referral code which makes you eligible to earn free credits in your wallet.

Invite and earn

For this follow the following steps:-

  • Go to your profile.
  • You will get an option to “Invite and Earn” just below the Fassos credits option.
  • Click on “Invite and Earn” you will get your referral code. Forward it to your friends to use it during signing up process.
  • You can even share your code with your friends and relatives by just clicking on Option “Tap to invite Friends” via social media platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebbok, Gmail and many more.
fassos referral code

Now you start getting your free credits once your Fassos referral code is used by your friends. Your friend gets free 135 credits and you too get 125 free credits. If you an Elite member, you will get 150 free credits after your friend’s first order.

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