Free Chrome Plugin to curb Netflix annoyances

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You must be using Netflix from a long time and enjoying its original series and movies. But like other streaming platforms you also see some annoyances over here. To curb this annoyances, a free Chrome plugin got released.

Google Chrome Netflix Tweaked plugin

Netflix Tweaked is a free plugin which is now available to get rid of the annoyances present on Netflix when streaming online from a desktop. Many a times you must have got encountered with a Netflix auto play videos which starts automatically when you keep on browsing for movies or your favorite shows.

This Netflix Tweaked plugin will bring an end to these automatically played videos. This plugin is developed by Fluencyy LLC, to deal with two most annoying things people have to deal with when they browse the Netflix site

Not only this, whenever you’d login to your Netflix account Netflix always shuffle your categories and you have to search for what you were watching. But with the use of this plugin you always get the “My List” and “Continue Watching, on the top.

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