We are CodesUWant and our only goal is to bring you the latest, newest and precise color info for your favorite sports teams and brands. Though, it sounds simple but there’s a lot of hard work that we do to find out the exact color codes.

Firest, we pick the team and then find the official logo of the team. Then we find the colors used in the logo and get the color value. But, its not as easy as it sounds. There’s much more that goes behind the curtains and therefore we are sharing the entire process with you.

We provide RGB, CMYK, HEX and PANTONE color values for every color used in the logo, so there’s a lot of work that goes behind converting color values from one format to another. All these information is only valid if we find the official logo (in SVG format) or the official logo guideline document of the specific team.

Our work start with picking a team. For example – let’s say we have picked a team “Teamy  Mcteamface“. We go to their website and try to find the official logo guideline PDF that contains information for all colors used in the logo. Sometimes, American teams have this document on their website, making our work easy, but if that’s not there, we find that with the help of Google. Once, we get the color info PDF, we go to converting colors and add new teams to our website.

But, unfortunately, most European and some American teams don’t have the specific information about the Logo colors. In that case, we find an actual logo on their official website in the SVG format. SVG format for logo is important because it is a vector file and the color info we extract from it is precise. In most cases the logos on official team websites are in either JPG or PNG formats which we can’t use, as color info in these formats gets easily changed and we can’t use that as a verified information. For instance, even when we download JPG or PNG logos from the same source, color info is different in each case. Yes, that’s a small difference but a small difference change all the color codes including RGB, CMYK, HEX and PANTONE color values. So, which one is the right one?

So, here’s what we do next, search the internet for Teamy Mcteamface logo in SVG format. The moment we find it, we analyze the credibility of the source and then use it on our website. For example, suppose that Teamy  Mcteamface is an American Championship League team, and we have found the SVG format logo on the official UEFA website. This will simply mean that the logo is from a verified source and we can use it.

In other cases, we never use information from other color websites such as Wiki pages or fan pages that have no verified sources information. The color code values available on these sites are not precise. Even though the colors look similar, they aren’t. And that’s the difference between finding a verified source and just a source. One is precise, and the other one just look similar, not good enough for true fans in our book.

This is the main reason why we always find the official color info and put our source information at the end of our post. So what happens when we don’t find the logo guideline document, an SVG logo from the official website or a verified source, and we are left with just the PNG and JPG logos from the official website? Since, the color values we retrieve for JPGS and PNG is not precise enough, we download ALL the PNG and JPG logo files from one official source and only use the ones that have the same exact color value and is used most often. Since, we mark all our information, you know if it’s from a verified source or not.

That marks the end of our color finding story, journey and process for finding one team’s color information. Since we put enough effort into validating all these info, we can be sure that the color info you find on our website is always verified and precise.