How to Protect your website from Cyberattacks 2019

How to protect website from ransomware

Cyberattacks are one of the concerns that needs to be taken care of in 2019. In a research it has been found that a user is attacked every in 39 seconds. Many of them target businessmen whereas some of them are just limited to personal users.

What we got in research?

The one of the major attack is Ransomware or WannaCry. A report published by Dimension shows that Ransomware attacks rose by 350 % in 2016-2017.

The average loss a ransomware virus does to your business costs around $2000-$2500. This may seem a low amount but for a small business it a huge money.

Therefore, a business owner and a developer must be prepared for the attacks and secure the sites from hackers.

Here are some tips to protect your site from such attacks: –

  • Install Firewall to your website

If you are using a WordPress website, as most of us use, then you must install a Firewall plugin and protect your website.

Apart from this you must update your WordPress regularly, whenever an update comes. Even though the new WordPress version 5.0 is released, many of the websites are still using the old versions, which is dangerous.

  • Secure your site and use SSL

Google has also ranking only those sites which are using SSL certificates. Do you why Google went to this update? Yes, you are right, for protecting the visitor’s data and providing user comfort.

So if your website uses SSL certificates then your chances of ranking on google first page also increases as well your customers/visitors are also secured.

  • Use best Antivirus- A malware protection tool

Using an Antivirus is very necessary to protect yourself from any malware attack. Many of the users use the free version of these software’s which is never recommended. This is because a free malware protection tool will not help you when you are attacked.

  • Make yourself aware of Social Engineering

Social Engineering is something which is used by 80% of the hackers. Their methods keep on evolving and modifying because these people/hackers are genius. So educate yourself about the latest trends of attacks and learn about those types of messages sent.

For more technical details, check wiki.

How to protect your site from WannaCry?

To protect your website from WannaCry you must follow the following things: –

  • Try never to click on links for any websites, Go to the sites directly with the URL.
  • Must use an Antivirus for your computer.
  • The most common ways by which Ransomware enter your system by Macros, Disable it ASAP.
  • Don’t click on the links which you get on mail. First go through the mail and if you find the use of proper English then only click on any link.

So, to be protected from Ransomware only a bit of awareness is need.

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