Microsoft to launch Xbox One without Disc in 2019-Under $ 200

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One is one of the gaming console that every game lover wants to have. This time Microsoft is coming with a great news for the gaming gurus as it is going to release  Xbox One without Disc in 2019-Under $ 200.  This good news was something that everybody was waiting for.

What’s new about Microsoft Xbox One without Disc

Xbox One without disc

According to the latest report, Microsoft is going to introduce a new version of the Xbox One at cheaper price in 2019. This new Xbox will be coming without disc and may cost less than $200. Apart from this it is also planning to allow Xbox One owners to provide existing games on disc for digital downloads.

We may hope that this Xbox may come with with a higher space in their drive for letting users use it on slow internet connections.

This move may bring them a large customer base as due to its high price it was impossible for everyone to buy Xbox One. Currently it costs around $ 299 but with a price cut of $100 it will be easy to buy for the customers.

Microsoft is playing this game according to the market as a large portion of the users may prefer to buy games instead of downloading it.

Sony’s similar PSP is available in the market in Japan which provide same interface to its users.

Earlier when Xbox was released in 2013, the company wanted to push users towards digital gaming experience. This time Microsoft has also planned a way to give your friend your game for 30 days to use.

What is the future thinking of Microsoft in launching Xbox One at cheaper price

cheapest Xbox One


Nowadays, the future of everything is online. At least, in the coming years. With the advancement of technology and internet connections or we can say that in the advancement of internet speed, everything is becoming online.

Even online streaming videos platform like NETFLIX and Amazon Prime Video with a subscription plan earning a lot. People are using these platforms in-spite of traditional platforms like Cable connections and watching movies on TV’s. So it is possible that at a lesser price Xbox one can also become famous and most used gaming platform.

According to news from Thurott, Microsoft is also working on an updated Xbox One S which may come at a cheaper price than this and may have a traditional disc drive. Let’s hope for the best and wait until gets released.

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