Zomato Referral Code|Get Rs 100 off on your next order

Zomato referral code

Use zomato referral code KESH0849 to get Rs 100 of your first 5 orders.

Food is one of the most important thing for which we do almost every work in our life. Either you are working in office or running your own business, you need food daily, and it’s a universal truth.

But, suppose you are away from home and single. You go home at night from your office and very tired. You cannot cook at that time and even you try to cook food for you then you must hate that work after spending 9-10 hours in office.

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Therefore many companies come up with the idea of a food delivery App. Now we have some famous names whenever we want food like, Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda etc.

Many of us, including me always order food online from Zomato. So why not to save some money by using zomato referral code and enjoying a discounted delicious food delivered at your doorstep.

Zomato is one of the most used food delivery App in India and it has tie ups with more than 1 million restaurants globally. Apart from getting your food at your doorsteps, you can also reserve your table in popular restaurants. Zomato is providing its services in more than 10000 cities across 24 countries. Last year, Zomato got more than 21 million food orders in India.

So, I can say that using this App and ordering food is really fun. You don’t even have to step out of your house and still you can eat food from your favorite restaurant at your home.

But there is also an option of self pick-up. So if you are in the way from your office home and your favorite restaurant is on the way. Then you have an option to order the food and pick it up on the way once it is ready.

Let me now tell you how you can get food from your favorite restaurants at a discounted price, even just sitting at your couch and relaxing at your home.

What is the offer you get from Zomato referral code(KESH0849)?

When your friends install and sign Up on Zomato App using your zomato referral code …. You get Rs 100 and your friend also gets Rs 100 on order above Rs 300. So you get Rs 100 in your wallet which you can use for your next order. You friend just have to pay Rs 200 for a food that costs Rs 300. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for both.

Apart from this, you also get a 50% discount for the nest 5 orders, if you use KESH8049 as a Zomato referral code.

How to get discount for new sign Ups?

For availing the discount, you just have to download the app from Google Play store, Windows or iTunes store for iOS. You can also just go to the play store or Apple store and search for “zomato” over there.

Steps for Signing up on Zomato:-

  • Download the Zomato App on your phone.
  • You get there option to sign up, through Facebook, Google, or Email…Continue with any of the options.
  • Now Add food to your of your choice from your favorites nearby restaurant.
  • Go to cart and verify your mobile number with the OTP.
  • Once verified, click on apply promo code and put the code (KESH0849).
  • Congrats, you just got a discount of Rs 100 on your order.

How to order Online with discounts Using Zomato referral code?

  • For ordering food, go to the homepage of the zomato app and pick up your favourite restaurants or popular cuisines you want to order from.  You can also choose from Trending places, New Arrivals, Zomato Exclusives and The Finest.
  • After you choose your food or your cuisine, click on Add button on the right hand side of the food displayed.
  • Now click on view cart on the bottom of the right hand side of the screen. Just scroll the screen and you will find an option of apply promo code.
  • Click on promo code and paste the referral code.
  • Voila, you got a discount of Rs 100 using the referral code ….
  • Now place your order and enjoy your food at your doorstep.
zomato homepage
zomato add to cart
zomato referral code discount

How to check more Discounts available on Zomato?

To check more discounts on Zomato, you just have to click on the Great Offers option available on the Homepage.

Once you click on Great Offers you are redirected to new page with a lot of restaurants providing discounts and coupons for you.

How to invite your friend to earn free Zomato credits?

Zomato lets you invite your friends and gives you Rs 100 free credit for each referral. You can order your food through these credits or get discounts on your orders.

You just have to follow the steps below to invite your friends:-

  • Open your App and go to your profile.
  • Now click on the three lines available on the top of the left hand side.
  • Click on free meals.
  • You get your referral code, which you can share with your friends via whatsApp , mail, etc
  • Top to copy feature is also there by which you can just copy your code and share with your friends and family.
  • That’s all, now you can earn free meals from Zomato.

How to get Zomato Gold membership plan?

Zomato gold is an option for Zomato members to spend less at the partnered restaurants and bars all over India.

zomato gold membership plan

Zomato has two such plans. One is a Full Membership plan in which you get God privileges all over the week. Another one is Weekday Only Plan in which you get Gold privileges from Monday to Thursday on all partnered restaurants and bars.

The former costs Rs 1200 per year whereas the latter one costs Rs 500 per year.

Benefits of Zomato Gold Membership through Zomato Referral code

zomato gold membership benefits
  • Gold Restaurants offer, 1+1 food means you get the second most expensive food min your bill free of cost.
  • Gold bars offer 2+2 on drinks, means you order 2 drinks and the nest 2 drinks are free for you as a complimentary.

Apart from above two features there are so many benefits if you sign up through the Zomato referral code

  • Zomato do not have any criteria for these offers and you can share it with your friends too.
  • You can visit as many times you want to a zomato partner restaurant but in a day you can visit one restaurant or bar one time only.
  • One thing you must know that zomato gold is only valid if you go for dine out at zomato partner restaurants and bars.

What is Zomato Piggybank Reward Program-zomato referral code?

zomato piggybank

It’s the world’s best rewards program which you can get by just inviting your friends and family. With this program you get an scratch card for each online order you do. By using the coins you get from the scratch card you can get up to 10% off on your orders done.

But it has a social cause attached to, so every time you order online through piggybank coins Re 1 is donated on your behalf to Akshaya Patra Foundation.

More about Zomato

Apart from enjoying food by using zomato the referral code, you still have a lot of things to look at if you use zomato and plan to go out for dinner and spend some quality time.

The options such as Zomaland, Sneakpeak, Collections, Events, Cuisines and Book a Table is always there for you to make your evening awesome. Let’s talk about every option in detail.


Zomaland is agrandest carnival introduced by Zomato in India. The previous carnival was held in Delhi and was a huge hit. So what you get at Zomaland? If you are a food lover then this place is a must go for you. You can have great food, stunning attractions and Incredible Entertainment.

Sneakpeak provides information about the stories behind the popular restaurants of your city. This is created by the zomato in house experts.

Collections tell you about what is trending this week, the finest of the city, newly opened, happy hours and many more.

Events are most popular among youngsters as with food youngsters always carve for entertainment. So from next time check out the events here and take your loved ones to their favourite events.

In Cuisines you will find food based on the places like kerakla food, north india food, briyanis, Chinese etc.

And the last is book a table, here you can book table in advance at a particular time when you want to have lunch/dinner so that you don’t have to wait for your number to come. This is a good option for people who are in hurry or have meeting fixed.

But with all these options, this option is always there to let you have your food on discounts. So use this zomato referral code and enjoy your food at great discounts with your loved ones.

Final Words on Zomato referral code discounts

That’s all how you can avail discounts on your food by signing up on zomato and using zomato referral code (KESH0849). In case you have anything more to ask or if I left any information, please feel free to contact me here or notify via comments.

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